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Estonian Sommelier Association History

Estonian Sommelier Association (ESA) was founded in the 11th of October 2000. ESA is a voluntary, non-profit organization.

Association has now 105 members, plus representatives of the supporters and sponsors.

ESA members are all  involved in selection of drinks, presentation, and serving.

ESA is A.S.I. member since 2002.  The A. S. I. has 45 member countries. The main activities are training and support, development and recognition of the sommelier profession.

Organized by the ESA:

Estonian Best Sommelier competition.

Since 2001.

Winners: Margus Linkgreim 2001 ;  Urvo Ugandi 2002 Trpohée Ruinart , 2003 Trophée Moét Chandon, 2005 Trophée Ruinart , 2006  ; Kristjan Markii  2007, 2008 Trophée Laroche, 2009 Trophée Masi  ; Kristjan Peäske.  2010 Trophée  Codorniu, 2011 Trophée MUMM.

Study trips to vine regions.

Since 2002.

2002 France/Champagne, Chablis, Burgundia, Alsace; 2003 Italy/Piemonte; 2005 Austria and Hungary; 2006 France / Rhone, Provence; 2007 Spain; 2008 Germany; 2009 Portugal; 2010 Italy, 2011 France/ Bordeaux.

An international competition Baltic Sommelier Vana Tallinn Grand Prix.

Since 2006.

2006 Urvo Ugandi I place, II place Gints Zneidse from Latvia, III place Kristjan Markii. 2007 Riia: Raimonds Tomsons, Janis Kalkis and Kristjan Markii from Estonia. 2008 Vilnius: Raimonds Tomsons from Latvia, Kristjan Markii from Estonia ja Janis Kalkis from Latvia.  2009 Riia – Sören Polonius I place. From the Baltic States – Kristjan Peäske, Kristjan Markii from Estonia and Janis Kalkis from Latvia. 2010 Tallinn : Kristjan Markii and Kristjan Peäske from Estonia and Janis Kalkis from Latvia. 2011 Tartu: Kristjan Peäske from Estonia, Liora Levi from Norway, Kristjan Markii from Estonia and Narimantas Mieźis from Lithuania.

Estonian Sommelier School.

Basic Course and Courses for junior-sommeliers and sommeliers. Particular attention is given to the wines of different countries. WSET Advanced Course.

The first Estonian Sommelier Association Wine Fair was held in 2006.

Fairs take place every second year. There were 26 exhibitors and almost 1000 visitors at the Wine Fair in Meriton Grand Conference and Spa Hotel in Tallinn / April 29-30, 2011. Wine Fair was open for everybody. There were different seminars and degustations.

Next Estonian Sommelier Association Wine Fair will be held in Tallinn, February 2013.

We look forward the Wine Fair to be attended by various winemakers, producers, and visitors.

The Wine Fair is able to bring together purchase decision makers and wine lovers in a single space, together with the other operators in the wine business. As a result, taking part in the Wine Fair will enable one to gain market share, strengthen the brand image, make business contacts and capture new customers.